This blog is all about celebrating good food and the art of cooking.

I grew up near Mexico City and GC, my love, is from Florence, so our cooking often has Mexican, Spanish and Italian influences. I choose not to cook meat, so all of the recipes on this blog are vegetarian or incorporate seafood. I believe cooking should be based on the finest and freshest ingredients that are produced sustainably and, when possible, locally. I also prefer to buy products that are organic and non-GMO. Some of the recipes I post are originals, some are adapted from recipes by more talented cooks and bakers. The creator of the recipe is clearly identified in each post.

Outside of the kitchen, I work with Embrace, a nonprofit with a mission to advance maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations. Prior to Embrace, I was with Partners in School Innovation and Net Impact. I received my B.A. in International Relations and M.A. in International Education Policy from Stanford University. I am active in a range of volunteer and philanthropic activities. Most recently, I serve on the board of directors of the Stanford Club of San Francisco, where I co-chair the Food & Wine Committee, and am a member of the Full Circle Fund‘s Rising Leaders Program and the Latino Community Foundation‘s Latina Giving Circle.